Start Making Progress In The Gym Again, And Build The Lean, Strong Body You've Always Wanted.

Experience 12 Weeks Of Programming That Constantly Evolves, Makes Training Fun Again, And Actually Teaches You What To Do In The Gym.
Most People Spend Years In The Gym, Without Building The Body They Want...

Hey, I'm Jeremiah Bair. I used to make all the usual mistakes with my training programs...

 Doing things at random in the gym, just hoping I would find something that worked.

 Wrecking my joints & running my body into the ground with poor exercise selection & too many sets.

 Training splits & rep ranges that didn't match my goals

My training programs weren’t working for myself or my clients... not a good feeling.

That's why I created these 8 week programs - Functional Fat Loss and Functional Aesthetics. To give you the training programs and the knowledge you need to finally create the leanest, strongest, and most confident version of yourself.

Never again will you have to wonder if you’re “doing the right thing” in the gym - for yourself or a client.

Discover The Art & Science Of A Great Training Program

You're fully capable of building a much leaner, stronger, and more confident version of yourself.

Imagine this. Instead of wasting the next 3 months doing the same stuff you always do in the gym... 

...Monday you walk into the gym knowing exactly what to do to transform your physique. You watch yourself progress weekly on a periodized plan that’s constantly evolving and building on itself.

You’re more engaged, training harder, and getting better results in the gym than ever before.

You thrive with the backing of a private community to encourage you, hold you accountable, assess your form, and more. 

You learn how to blend functional bodybuilding, strength training, and smart cardio into a unique program that truly unlocks your leanest, strongest self.

Frustrated With Your Lack Of Results In The Gym? I Get It... I Used To Be The Fat Personal Trainer!

Despite countless hours in the gym, I still didn't even look like I worked out.

I was already a personal trainer at this point, and I felt like a fraud. How could I expect my programs to get my clients good results? I couldn't even get myself in shape...

My frustration led me to start investing in all of the top coaches in the fitness industry, & learning their training systems that were getting thousands of people results.

I learned how to apply the science behind training program design, and how to build smart programs that allow individuals like you and I to beat our average genetics.

The years of learning have culminated in these 8-Week Programs. I've been in your shoes, and I know how amazing you'll feel when you FINALLY achieve the lean, strong body you've always wanted.

But Don't Take My Word For It. Here's What Other People Are Saying ↴

"I’ve been using Jeremiah’s membership program for a little over 3 months now and I cannot thank him enough! 
Now that I’m back at the gym, I don’t feel like I lost where I was at from a few weeks ago."
-Paige S. 
“I would trust Jeremiah with my own programming any day and I’d recommend him to anyone else, without hesitation. He understands the science while also factoring in his experience and what REAL PEOPLE respond well too; which makes him truly evidence based. His programs simply work and are actually enjoyable, too.”
-Cody "Boom Boom" McBroom
"When it comes to online training, Jeremiah is professional, knowledgable, and encouraging. His personal attention, matched with top notch programming helped me stay engaged & accountable. I have learned so much and have applied it to my own training as well as for my training clients."
-Jen H.

Here's What You'll Get When You Join ↴

 ✔  12 Weeks Of Periodized Programming, Delivered To Your Phone Daily:

No more guessing in the gym. You'll finally be following a smart training program designed to build pain-free functional strength, lean muscle, and increased confidence.

  Training You Actually Enjoy:

Your program is constantly evolving, and never gets stale. The built in weekly periodization is key for constant progress, and a new training phase starts monthly to ensure you're always training hard, having fun, and getting results.

✔  A 3x/Week Functional Fat Loss Program Or A 4x/Week Lean Muscle Building Program:

Both lifting and cardio sessions are programmed for you, with multiple training splits specific to your experience level and goals. This is allows individualization to YOU.

  Weekly Coaching With Jeremiah:

You'll go live with Jeremiah weekly to get answers for ALL your questions - programming, exercise technique, mindset, etc... you'll get tons of education.

✔  Become Part Of The Community & Join A Movement:

You'll be connected with a tribe of people just like you, to push you, encourage you, give you feedback, and hold you accountable daily.

  Access To The TrueCoach App: 

This state of the art coaching software delivers form videos and coaching cues for every exercise to ensure your technique is perfect. It's like having a coach with you in the gym.

Choose Your Program ↴

Fat Loss

  •  Built For Fat Loss & Functional Strength
  • ​3 Days Per Week Full Body Training Split + 2 Optional Cardio Days
  • 8 Weeks Of Periodized Programming Delivered To Your Daily Through The TrueCoach App
  • Designed For Individuals Chasing A Lean, Strong Physique
  • ​Perfect For Beginner - Intermediate Trainees, & Those With Less Time To Train


  • 4 Days Per Week Upper/Lower Training Split + 2 Optional Cardio Days
  • 8 Weeks Of Periodized Programming Delivered To You Daily Through The TrueCoach App
  • ​Designed For Individuals Ready To Build Lean Muscle For An Aesthetic (But Still Functional) Physique
  • ​Perfect For Intermediate & Beyond Trainees, & Those With More Time To Devote To Training

Not Sure Which To Choose?

  • Don't waste more of your time following a program that won't get you to your body composition goals (or no plan at all)
  • Hit the link above for a free training program consultation with me. We'll work through your goals, and determine which program is the best fit for you.

Change Your Body, Change Your Confidence

For The Next 12 Weeks, Join A Tribe Of Badasses Who Get The Results You Want ↴

Frequent Questions

Who Are These Programs For?
These programs are for women & men alike. Whether you're a coach insecure because you don't know what to prescribe your clients, someone in your first couple years of training looking for a smart program to maximize your results, or a burnt out veteran looking to fall in love with your training again - these programs are a good fit for you. 

The programs are NOT a good fit for you if you've never touched a weight before.
Where Can I Learn More About The ProgramS?
This article gives you a thorough breakdown of the thought process behind your program, and the exact programming principles incorporated to help you achieve your best body ever.
How Long Will I Have Access To The ProgramS For?
You'll have access to the live programs on their start date for 8 weeks in TrueCoach. At the end of the program, your account will be archived unless you're moving on to the next program. You'll also receive a daily workout email you can save to use after the conclusion of the program.
What If I Have Questions About The Programs After Starting?
You'll have private access to a Facebook community for support. Here, you'll be able to ask me questions anytime, drop form videos for critique, update the community on your progress, and much more.
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